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Custom Gun Holsters and Fishing Equipment

Custom Gun Holsters and Fishing EquipmentCustom Gun Holsters and Fishing Equipment

Descriptions and Warranty


Our Take on Pancake Style Holsters and Mag Carriers

Our Pancake Holsters are unique in that they are designed to be worn inside or outside the waistband.  They incorporate a gentle curve that "hugs" your hip and tucks in close...not a flat panel with bent "wings".  It is approximately a 20% and 80% mold, meaning approximately 80% of the guns/mags width faces away from your body for comfort and stability.  All of our holsters have sweeping curves and polished edges.  This minimizes snags on clothing as you move that could cause printing or inadvertent display of your weapon.   Our outside panel is slightly higher towards the back of your slide.  This adds a little more protection to your frame and slide against dings and bangs into door jambs, obstructions, and aids in re-holstering for iwb carry.  You choose your primary method of carry (inside or outside) and the type of hardware.  As an option, you can then choose the hardware for your secondary carry preference.  Your choice of right or left hand carry, straight up or forward cant, and multiple color choices/combinations to truly make your holster the way you want!  Lastly, we can add a single magazine holder to your pancake OWB or IWB, but only in a straight cant configuration.  Our appendix specific IWB Pancake Holsters are the "PUP",  "BIG DOG", and "HARNESS".    All use the Raven Claw or Mod Wing for added support, both the BIG DOG and HARNESS feature a built in mag carrier.   The HARNESS features shock cord attachment of the holster and mag carrier, allowing the holster to flex and move as your do for added comfort.

Our pancake style magazine carriers are designed and built in the same manner as our holsters.  They share the full curve 20% / 80% mold to "hug" your waist, have rounded corners and no hard angles.

Fold Over Holsters, Fishing Equipment & Definitions

Our fold over holsters are built just like the name.  Using quality split molds your holster is vacuum formed, folded in half, and secured along the opposite side using rubber bushings and adjustable hardware.  This allows you to adjust the tension/retention the holster places on your weapon or other item, such as fishing equipment. 

For firearms they can be built for inside or outside the waistband carry or appendix carry.  Several mounting options are available depending on your carry style: including single or double clips, soft loops, Fabri-Clips and Ulti-Clips for iwb carry.  Raven Claws and Mod-WIngs are also popular options for appendix carry, and are also being used by many for standard iwb carry.  Paddles, loops, and Tek-Lok attachments are available for owb options.  

All of our products designed for fishing, are built and assembled using only stainless steel or brass hardware to resist corrosion in the marine environment.  They feature either full open bottoms or molded in drains to prevent water collection and air circulation.  Unlike traditional leather holsters/sheaths, our kydex material does not retain or absorb water/moisture.  It is important however, to allow your tool/s to dry or lubricate them periodically to prevent corossion.  

If you found us, you probably know what we are talking about, but if not...look no further.

OWB Holster - refers to a holster worn Outside the Waist Band of your pants,  normally on the side of the hip or just behind.  

IWB Holster - a holster worn Inside the Waist Band of your pants, also on the hip or just behind, made in the same way as the OWB.

Appendix IWB Holster - a holster worn IWB directly in the front or just to the left or right of center of the groin area.

Printing - when the firearm or other object being carried concealed is visible through clothing by way of snagging, bunching, or the outer garment being just too damn tight!

Raven Claw /Mod Wing- an optional device added to Appendix holsters that presses against the wearers belt, pushing the holster/firearm against the body to reduce printing and increase concealment.   Both work well, and are comfortable.

Soft Loops - Rubber coated nylon loops with snaps used to secure your holster to your belt.  Optional struts can be added, to allow tucking of a shirt over the firearm/holster for maximum concealment and offers more adjustment options.

Ulti Clip - A metal clip that clamps to your waist band, pocket, strap, etc. to secure a holster without a belt.

Lead Times, Shipping, Warranty and Legal

We strive to complete orders in a timely fashion.  We list approximate lead times to complete and ship a custom holster on the bottom of our page.  In the event we have to order a mold for your particular firearm, it will cause approximately a 1 week delay in the build of your holster.  Unlike some other builders, we DO NOT pass any additional cost onto you if we have to order a mold.

We offer FREE shipping on all firearm and fishing equipment holsters via USPS within the CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES!  Addition shipping will apply to addresses in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and foreign countries.  Please contact us via email BEFORE ordering and shipping to those destinations.  We WILL NOT ship any of our products to any location or country that shows hostility to or is at war with the United States.   

We stand behind our workmanship and offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our products, that covers any manufacturing or material defect on the holster shell during normal use.  The returned item will be repaired or replaced at our discretion.  Normal use is not defined as torture tests or use as a target.  Normal wear and tear such as scratches, scrapes, or dings add character and are not covered.  Attachment hardware such as loops, clips, etc. will be replaced within 1 yr of purchase due to manufacturer defect/failure.  

We offer a full 14 day return policy on Ready To Ship items.  They must be in like new condition.  Custom, built to order holsters/items which include specific colors/combinations, hardware, custom cuts or mold blocking are not returnable. 

Upon receipt of your Salty Dog Holster, test fit and practice holstering/unholstering your firearm in an UNLOADED state until you are comfortable with the feel and fit.  As always, never point a firearm at anything you do not wish to destroy, and maintain all safety precautions.

First Responder and Military Discounts

We appreciate our Active and Retired Military and First Responders.  We are proud to offer an everyday 10% off discount to all of you, and thank you for your sacrifices in keeping our country safe and free!  We just ask that you email a photo of your credentials (showing just your name and agency/branch...no personal info) and we will then provide the code to take advantage of the discount.  Our direct email is: saltydogholsters@gmail.com  *CANNOT BE USED WITH ANY OTHER SALES OR DISCOUNTS.

Custom Build Lead Times and Mold Orders

We strive to complete orders in a timely fashion.  We list approximate lead times to complete and ship a custom holster on the bottom of our page.  

In the event we have to order a mold for your particular firearm, it will cause approximately 1 additional week for us to build your holster.  Unlike some other builders, we DO NOT pass any additional cost onto you if we have to order a mold.