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Custom Gun Holsters and Fishing Equipment

Custom Gun Holsters and Fishing EquipmentCustom Gun Holsters and Fishing Equipment

About Us


Who We Are

Salty Dog was started by Greg Acton, a recently retired Sergeant with 26 yrs of police  service.  With a diverse career of 16 yrs in patrol, 10 yrs in  investigations, and 22 yrs as a firearms instructor he has the knowledge and experience of what makes a comfortable and properly built holster.  

Having spent summers offshore fishing off the coast of New Jersey  and speaking with fishing professionals, we have also designed products that fill a needed niche with all types of recreational anglers and professional mates/captains alike.  Our fishing products can now be found on the waists of fresh water lake fishermen and the crews on some of the top producing multi million dollar sport fishing boats traveling the world.

Here at Salty Dog Holster Works, we do not mass produce any of our products.   Each item is individually hand made using a vacuum forming process.  Our firearm holsters are molded from the highest quality molds for a proper and secure fit.  While we are building our library of available options, if we don't list your particular firearm, we will gladly obtain the molds necessary for your build.    With available options and your input we can build your holster to your specifications.  Our holsters are built and shaped for stable, comfortable carry.   There are no sharp corners to poke or pinch, only rounded sweeping curves and polished edges to limit snags on clothing and enhance comfort.

 The molds used for our fishing products are custom made in house.  Taking input from customers and the fishing community, we will be expanding our offerings in the coming months.  Reach out to us with your needs, and with enough request maybe we can add your ideas to our line. 

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Also, stay tuned for a blog that is in the works, where we can discuss important topics and bounce ideas around with one another.